Sunday, May 22, 2005

Who are these women?

I've broken the list of my ladies into five sections.

Pre-history - These are women whose stories illustrate important 'pre-requisites' for Mormonism, even though they never were Mormons during their lifetimes. They are:
Margaret (circa 1066), daughter of Edward Atheling, the would-be nun
Priscilla Mullins and Elizabeth Walker (circa 1620), across the vasty sea
Sarah Warren and Elizabeth Moore (circa 1775), mothers of revolution
Lee Pei-chiu (circa 1949), heiress of Xiao Ao

Converts - These women embraced Mormonism or the restored gospel during Joseph Smith's lifetime:
Agnes Taylor
Margaret Crawford
Sophia Whittaker
Mary Amanda Brunnel

Fifty Years in the Wilderness - These women were involved in the practice of plural marriage:
Mary Leamon
Elvira Annie Cowles
Mary Bell
Ema Lucinda Holmes
Sophia Whittaker
Eliza Roxie Welling

Finding Mr. Right - These ladies were not plural wives, and their stories illustrate monogamy among the Mormons:
Elizabeth Houston
Kate Delong
Margaret Taylor
Dicey Delong

The Living - Self-explanatory:
Pat Heywood
Meg Stout
Sarah Fairchild

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