Friday, December 29, 2006

Meg's Book - Chapter 19 - The Gems of Peru

Trivia - The poem described in this chapter was actually written by Eliza Snow and published in the newspaper one day before Eliza left Sarah Cleveland's home. Elvira really was the one Emma sent to invite Eliza to live at the homestead. And Oliver Snow did invite his daughter to come live with him at Walnut Grove.


Pat said...

Are you going to include the 'information' given by ST in his book about Nauvoo as far as what happens to Eliza's pregnancy. I find it more likely that Eliza, old and small, could not maintain the pregnancy. As age increases, so do miscarriages. Is there any 'real' evidence to support ST's scene?

daughterofheaven said...

In Todd Compton's Sacred Loneliness he details all the reliable rumors about the night Eliza leaves the Smith home to live with Elvira and Jonathan. The story I weave through these disparate tales is consistent with all of them. If she had conceived 29 June, she would have been 7 1/2 months pregnant when she moved to Elvira's home. Of course, the reason I provide for Emma's anger is fictional (Chapters 16 & 17)

ktb said...

In Chapter 11 I have one useful comment, and one minor typo note - added only because I enjoy poetry and a typo while reading poetry is disasterous. The second and third paragraphs of page 63 are confusing. I think I know what is trying to be conveyed, but it is largely based on assumption. I feel like I have either forgoten a past portion of the story, or that this is not yet fully clarified why Sister Cleveland is apologizing. I probably forgot an earlier event in a previous chapter. If that is the case, it might be useful to add a word or two more to jog those with impared memories such as mine.

On the same page, page 63, I think there is a typo in the poem, "with the, in weal or woe"

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