Saturday, December 30, 2006

Meg's Book - Chapter 21 - The Test

Trivia - I was going to include something in this chapter about the death of Leonora's youngest child based on what is said in Sam Taylor's book about John Taylor (The Last Pioneer). But Leonora's child doesn't die until Sep 1843 - almost a year after the events depicted in this chapter.


Pat said...

Well done. I like your humor as you settle into the story and stop handling it with kid gloves. I'm starting to feel that these are real people.

mh said...

I remember hearing about this story but had forgotten who it happened to. I hadn't realized things were this secretive at the time.

ktb said...


With the backdrop of the revised Chapters 4 and 5, I think Chapter 13 was clearly written with regard to why Leonora displayed the emotions she did. I enjoyed the visuals that were provided such as Elvira placing the log into the fireplace, and Leonora losing her balance while swinging back with the frying pan.

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