Sunday, December 31, 2006

Meg's Book - Chapter 22 - The Kiss

Trivia - During early December 1842 a merchant traveled from Quincy, Illinois, to Nauvoo to investigate the prophet Joseph. Joseph spent the entire day talking with the man, who agreed to be baptized that very day. Joseph went out and hacked a hole in the ice covering the Mississippi River near his home and the man (Joseph Leland Heywood) was baptized by Orson Hyde. Check out the bottom of p. 42 of the Aug 2006 Ensign [] (Couldn't think of any other trivia that wasn't a spoiler).


ktb said...

Good job on Chapter 14 as well. Your character's thoughts and feelings are being expressed quite well now, which makes reading this even more enjoyable.

dd said...

Now the story is so good I am kind of forgetting to do anything except read it! Amazing story.

Happy New Year!

(Finished reading through the end of Chapter 14 since yesterday...)

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