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Meg's Book - Chapter 5 - Promises

Trivia - During a Jewish passover seder, an extra place is set for Elijah. At a certain point in the seder, the youngest child is sent to the door to see if Elijah is there. Passover is understood by christians to be a foreshadowing of Christ's sacrifice and atonement, which christians celebrate on Easter. The date (April 3, 1836) on which Joseph Smith said Elijah restored the power to bind families together occurred on Easter. (


ktb said...


I must also admit that I read on the internet, as I was looking for the name of Austin’s wife, what happens with Elvira, Jonathan and Joseph ( Seems quite complicated for one like me not too familiar with Mormon history. The only part of Mormon history I recall from school many years ago are the sea gulls. I thought that was pretty cool.

Having read the internet version first did help in allowing for a a more open view of what was being addressed. I do think your explanation makes sense and is certainly better than the information obtained from the Internet. Use of Biblical verses to help explain the Covenent were appreciated, and greatly adds to understanding the thought process that went into justification of polygamy.

ktb said...

Chapter 5 was a good read, and I am certain a few volumes would be required to fully appreciate what led to this. The paragraph at the top of page 22 looks like there might be an extra few words, "...where Joseph waited. Brother Joseph. Joseph, the beloved ..."

Pat said...

Joseph, by all accounts, was a very attractive man. Even some of his enemies admitted his 'spurious' attraction. Once Elvira had been told by a revelation that she was meant for him it would have been very likely her imagination would have been thoroughly engaged.

wbs said...

p. 22 - how much fasting, I wonder?
p. 24 - not clear who is talking, phrasing is awkward.
p. 25 - looking for more. There is no discussion of plural marriage and I'd like to see her introspection and conflicting thoughts on what is going on.

dd said...

"unlocked the door." - the door was locked? Did you say that earlier? Why was it locked? Is this foreshadowing?

LH said...

I love that you wrote "the ick factor" in there. LOL Plural Marriage scares my husband to death. He just can't imagine being married to two crazy women...ha ha ha. I love how you have written this so far. I also loved the fact that you threw in the law of Sarah.

las said...

I’m not sure if Joseph asked Elvira one question, which she accepted, or two--(1) Marry me (not unless Emma agrees) (2) Marry Jonathan after I’m dead (yes).
Guess I’d better ready Ch. 6!

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