Sunday, December 24, 2006

Meg's Book - Chapter 13 - Harcourt Manning

Trivia - Harcourt is a French name meaning "fortified farm." Manning means "Son of Man," which is one of the names of the Messiah. I only learned this a couple of days ago - when I wrote this chapter, I just pulled the name out of thin air. The story Elvira tells in this chapter is a variation of a tale my mother used to tell us. When I was a girl the story was staged as a "Road Show" where the Egyptian nurse sings to the princess:

Just you listen, Nefreyet,
So you never will forget.
There is but one choice in life.
You must either be an old maid or... a wife!

Once I too was young and fair,
I wore ribbons in my hair...
I refused to be a bride.
Now there's no one at my side.
There're no children in my arms.
I've forgotten all my charms.

Won't you listen, Nefreyet...


ktb said...

Six was a good read. It flowed nicely. Had to laugh at the story of the three princesses. Given the realities of marriage, I think that the princesses would be well advised to consider a few practical factors before getting married, such as will he put the seat down when done among other things. But then, the story for the kids would not have been as entertaining.

Pat said...

Loved your adaptation of my story. I adapted it myself several times, once in the Okishdu series.

wbs said...

p. 27 - would like more on her feelings at beginning of chapter.
p. 28 - I like this (paragraph that mentions Sisera).
p. 29 - "A year passed" - did anything important happen? How is Elvira's family?
p. 31 - The tests of strength seem like a tall tale - out of character with other tests.

daughterofheaven said...

The tests of love include 'healing a beggar,' surely not a common task, at least not when accomplished during the course of a single day.

dd said...

This change in chapter six is abrupt. Prior to this your style is narrative and continuous. Does this begin a Part 2 of the book?

"Then we’d know our Sister Elvira was lost to us forever." - this story shows Joseph’s humor and nature well.

It is SOOOOO hard to stop now but I HAVE to get ready for church. Thank you for sharing this exciting story with me! I know that several of my friends are really going to like it. They enjoy stories such as this and I am going to give them signed copies when it is finished!
You go girl!!!!!

las said...

I always love Elvira’s stories!

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