Monday, December 25, 2006

Meg's Book - Chapter 14 - Gustin

Trivia - We know there was a Gustin Books who knew Elvira and wrote to Joseph Smith asking to be particularly remembered to Elvira.


ktb said...

Had to look up on the Internet to verify that the City Beautiful was in fact Nauvoo. That did lead to finding another good website, for another peak ahead - .

Poor Gustin!

wbs said...

p. 36 Irene? Also, what is the story of Gustin's loss?
p. 37 - Rearrange portion including thought 'Make Elvira come with me?'
p. 38 - "Joseph is in my hands..." is this a quote from someplace earlier in the book or what?

wbs said...

By the way, I was enjoying your notes pages. They were objective and concise and seemed appropriate for the final book up until the Notes for Chapter 7.

las said...

Joseph stole a look in her direction. “In fact, to date you have been the only one.”

(Yikes. Even knowing the history, I hadn’t quite thought about that part of the bargain--sharing with Emma and untold others...)

“Ah.” Elvira wrapped her arms around herself and hunched. He will live long enough to accomplish the work the Lord has ordained for him on this earth.

(Is this personal revelation to Elvira, like the one below, or a quote from the p. blessing? Can’t remember, too lazy to go back and look).

daughterofheaven said...

As to sharing with 'untold others,' shall we say Joseph wasn't doing it the way it was done later. And based on D&C 132, God wasn't happy about it, either.

The internal thought is a paraphrase of what I have had Elvira overhear Father Smith tell Joseph in his patriarchal blessing. The blessing is historical fact.

daughterofheaven said...

Here's a rewrite that addresses the 'other women' issue.

“Oh…” Elvira wrapped her arms around herself and hunched, as though she’d been hit. He will live long enough to accomplish the work the Lord has ordained for him on this earth. She had supposed that Emma’s opposition and her own reluctance to supplant Emma had deferred the day of fulfillment. Joseph is in My hands. You cannot protect him from accomplishing My will.
“Who…” Your brother’s widow, Agnes. “Are you Don Carlos’ brother in this?” She hadn’t meant it to sound like an accusation. Joseph was looking full at her now.

“Elvira… Nothing has been consummated in the flesh. But they have committed to be mine in eternity. I ask you again, will you join me in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage?”

They. She drew in a shuddering breath. I will marry no one else while you live. But I will not become your wife, not even in spirit, until Emma accepts the covenant. “Only after Emma…” She paused as she heard footsteps. She turned and saw Emma enter the room.

Emma’s eyes took in Elvira’s anguish and bowed posture. “Gustin is gone? Did you refuse him?”

Elvira shook her head. “No. He defers to Jonathan and hopes to wish me joy.” She consciously straightened. “I think there are some very bright children who are finishing their copy work. Please excuse me.” She glanced up at Joseph, standing at her side, and nodded, her face carefully neutral. Then she walked from the room without looking back.

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