Thursday, December 21, 2006

Meg's Book - Foreward - Intro and Symposium Paper

Trivia - I had written and presented this paper in 1995. During early November 2006 a conversation reminded me of the paper. I thought of including the paper at the end of the book, after the "About the Author" blurb. My rationale was that it would help people understand the book if they knew who I was. And this paper reflects timestamped real-time reactions on my part to a relatively stressful situation.


daughterofheaven said...

KTB wrote:

Had to try not to cry a few times, and failed for the most part
(over lunch). [snip] Take care, and I appreciate the confidence.

PLP wrote:

I had forgotten about what I had written to you on Mormon-l until I read it. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

SCG wrote:

I think you've opened your life up to others in ways that I find hard to imagine. It's written in an incredibly lovely and generous fashion. I'd be interested in your experiences with an autistic child (mentioned briefly in the Forward section) or certainly the book in which you're collaborating.

Written re JG:

[JG] called from England this afternoon and had read the entire
piece on his Blackberry. Must have been captivating.....!

Phone call from ECP:

Cried a lot - it kind of dragged in parts - might have been the small type or the formatting. Liked your e-mails, though.

ktb said...

Good idea about adding to the forward. I was going to suggest a Prologue to set the stage for at least the first two chapters.

wbs said...

Suggest you separate the portion where you talk about how you came to write the book from the prologue.

I know why, but explain more fully why you felt writing this book was in conflict with your faith.

Which manuscript did Gary Bergera reject?

In Prologue, I don't think Joseph told the folks at the time that their creeds were an abomination.

'gold record' sounds like an LP.

The bit about the death of Joseph's firstborn and punishment is a non sequitur.

"contained in the translated text" makes it sound like a different gospel than contained in the Bible.

Mention that the single log home was in Illinois.

The story of Elvira and her descendents?

ch said...

I was stunned by the Foreward/Afterword introducing your situation and the story. What an experience for you and your family. Your faith certainly made a difference in rising to the challenges. Please send me the rest of the book, or direct me to how I can access it. Thank you for giving me the privilege of reading it.

las said...

Wow! This really is a story right near the heart of polygamy. I’m ready to read on...

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