Saturday, January 13, 2007

Meg's Book - Chapter 23 - Invitation

Trivia - Hyrum Smith read the revelation on the New and Everlasting Covenant to the Nauvoo Stake High Council exactly one month (8/12) after it was received (7/12/1843).


Pat said...

Well handled and 'nuff said'. I think it would be a mistake to get any closer to the event itself. The next chapter should begin after the fact of the act of marriage.

ktb said...

The chapter was well written, and I agree with Pat. Knowing the upcoming near term events, I am pondering the potential implications from my point of view - thinking of Genesis chapter 20 - but nothing that impacts the story or the way it is being told. This is really quite interesting, and being able to gain information from a well written story that leads to better questions for further insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

dd said...

Oh, my goodness, Meg! This is a really good story. It is a little hard for me to read it objectively and I am so interested in what will happen next I don't know if I am a very proficient proof-reader! But I did notice this one small error:

But he has been intimate with fewer women that (than) I feared.

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