Monday, January 01, 2007

Meg's Book - Chapter 23 - Hell and Damnation

Trivia - I've not introduced any actual characters in this book who were not real people. As much as possible, even when I have made things up, I live withing the constraints of the documented universe.


mh said...

I love Porter Rockwell! And that sounds just like him, too. Hope he figures into the story later.

Pat said...

Nice handling of the scene. Porter coming in is a hoot. BTW I know that Jonathan was one of Joseph's body guards and was one of those who brought his body back from Carthage so I think it is likely he would have been on close terms with Porter.

ktb said...

Chapter 15 read fine. I would only suggest you consider adding a sentence at the end of the second to last paragraph having Jonathan introduce Porter to Elvira, and maybe indicating to her that the poor guy was out there in the cold during their "wedding night" keeping the rif-raf away. Doing so would not require the reader to pause and figure out what Porter is doing.

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