Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Meg's Book - Chapter 24 - Death and Rage

Trivia - Eliza Snow wrote in her journal on 11 Feb 1843:

"Took board and had my lodging removed to the residence of br. Holmes."


Pat said...

I like this a lot better than ST's version. It is likely that age and size and rugged circumstance would have made Eliza's pregnancy fragile. I am happy to know that she took refuge with Elvira. They really must have been firm friends. I know that Elvira's granddaughter was named for Eliza Roxie Snow, but is there any record of their relationship continuing after they moved west?

ktb said...

Chapter 16 read quite well. I think the emotional stress Emma is going through is being well developed when taking everything into account that is presented in the story.

daughterofheaven said...

Yes - (Elvira and Eliza continuing a friendship) the wives of Joseph Smith would gather on significant anniversaries, and Eliza traveled west in the same wagon train Elvira was in.

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