Monday, January 15, 2007

Meg's Book - Chapter 25 - Sacrifice

Trivia - The Scovill bakery really existed, and when you visit Nauvoo today, they pass out cookies when you tour the bakery.


ktb said...

Chapter 25 I think is excellent, and compliments Chapter 24 very well. The characters have taken on real life dimensions, to the point where the reader no longer needs to remember the words, but only the emotions and actions to recall the story. Life is certainly complex. We experience joy and sorrow, kindness and sacrifice, but through it all we must remain true to ourselves and to those around us, or else we become less than what we should be. I think these chapters and your portrayal of the characters do that justice.

There may be other stories out there that paint a darker picture, but I would believe this over those, given the quality of the fruit produced (Matthew Chp 7, vs 15-20). This set of chapters overall has created a critial point the characters had to pass through, and in Chapters 24 and 25, each was able to do so while maintaining intact his or her integrity through the process. What could have become chaotic, now falls back into place even stronger, and the strength and trust gained through successfully passing through such emotional and spiritual turmoil as this, and coming out honorably at the other end will be needed. I like to believe that nothing happens without good reason, whether we understand or not, and what happened at this time certainly must play into successfully supporting the evolving larger story.

daughterofheaven said...

By the way, one of the other readers is pissed (their word) that I don't have Joseph and Elvira consummate their marriage. They are so pissed they wrote the chapter the way they think it would have happened.


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