Saturday, January 27, 2007

Meg's Book - Chapter XXIV - Light and Truth

Trivia - Today I was searching out the meaning of the name Elvira - I had known what Lucy stood for. Among the various meanings I found were:
- The temple of God
- Blond
- Truth
- Fair
- White
Before the chapter just ended with the baby getting born and them naming her Lucy Elvira.


dd said...

Just a few notes:

He caught her hand in his and brought her fingers to his lips, then kissed her palm. She closed her hand as if trapping the kiss inside and held it to her chest. She reluctantly turned and got out of bed.
(did I miss something here? It jumps quickly from her house to her knocking on someone else's door....)
Elvira knocked on the rough-hewn door. A few moments later, Widow Bell opened the door. When she recognized Elvira, she grinned and said, "Come in! Come in!"
She padded across the grassy path to Emma, who stood with back turned, contemplating the new bee house. The garden around was newly turned, and a pleasant border of stones ringed the area." I see Jonathan and the others did a fine job." (Who said this? And was this the 'favor' Emma had asked earlier?)
Emma looked at Elvira and smiled sadly, then beckoned for her to take a seat next to her on a nearby bench. Also new, Elvira noted.
It was Valentine's Day of 1845 that she knew she carried Jonathan's child. (Yeah!!!! The reader cheers!!!) After the first episode of illness, she prepared for herself the

Thanks for providing my current exciting reading! I finished the books, "The Narrow Gate", about a nun who left her vocation eventually, and "The Red Tent", about Dinah and her whole family from the Old Testament (plural wives genre also!) but I am enjoying yours the most of all.

Pat said...

As DD said some of the writing is a bit sketchy, but I assume where that is so we get the essence and you will do some fill-in later. I liked the additional information about the death of James Bell. You have done a heap of research to find out these things. I had to go to Nauvoo before I was able to place some of the important times and places for my own work on the period. It really doesn't exist in one convenient place. I am a bit fuzzy on the location of the Holmes home, but of course the people at the land record office will tell you that land and houses often changed ownership fairly rapidly in that time.

ktb said...

A very good chapter, just a few spots that might be tied together together differently.

Besides what dd noted, here are a couple that had me scratching a little. Austin Cowles leaves Nauvoo, saying goodgye to Elvira before he goes. I think the story would flow better if there was information leading up to why her father was leaving. Is he still on the council, is he still Mormon? What do others in Nauvoo think of him now?

There is just one paragraph that talks to the growing mob-violence around Nauvoo, then the subject is dropped. I think that if this is introduced, it should be expanded to let the reader understand the importance to Elvira and Jonathan’s growing family, or you might just consider not mentioning it since this chapter revolves around Jonathan and Elvira.

lh said...

I guess I must be somewhat of a prude....I have never liked the lusty
novels...UGH....Do I love to see people kiss....yep! but that is it...I
don't want to see or hear anything else....ha ha ha....I have 11 I don't know how that happened...LOL

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