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Meg's Book - Chapter 47 - Civil War

Trivia - In January 1861 the first shots of the Civil war were fired. Coincidentally, in 1861 the Church had exhausted the ability to purchase new wagons or even handcarts to carry people across the plains. So Brigham came up with the Out-and-Back or Down-and-Back scheme, whereby wagons and teamsters would travel east and pick up Saints wanting to travel west to Salt Lake City.


daughterofheaven said...

I just spent an hour or so creating a spreadsheet that lets me quickly (less than 30 seconds) find out if any comments have been made in any of the several dozen chapters I have sent out so far, then click on a link to go directly to the blog entry for any of those chapters. If you would like to see it, give me a holler. (Uses conditional formatting to highlight any change to number of comments as 'red,' else they stay green.)

In the process I discovered that this is the 47th chapter that I've sent out. I know a few of those are re-writes, but in the mean time 47 is a good number for now. Besides, there are a few chapters that will probably get inserted in the next rewrite:

- Thomas Sharpe and the political paranoia flamed by the Warsaw Signal

- John C. Bennett and the use of Nancy Rigdon's affidavit to seduce his patients under the guise of 'spiritual wifery.'

- Emma giving Melissa Lott to Joseph as a plural wife.

- The formal covenant taken to ensure that no one who wished to gather to Zion was left behind.

daughterofheaven said...

Another fun thing is that I discovered that Sarah Floyd is likely to have traveled east with the Godbe wagon train. Godbe ends up leaving the church and trying to fight Brigham Young. And it is Godbe who came up with the scheme of giving women the vote in Wyoming (granted in 1869) in hopes of messing with the Mormon church.

Pat said...

I like the tight construction of this chapter, encompassing everything within the context of the quilting bee. Again, well done, and feels authentic.

ktb said...

Very nicely done. The historical reference to John B. Floyd’s southern sympathies and how that might relate to stationing 3500 soldiers in Utah is excellent. I am sure that if not the primary reason, he immediately realized the secondary benefit thereby allowing the decison being made to send troops that much easier.

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