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Chapter 10 - Tom Sharp

Trivia - Students of Mormon history may recognize Tom Sharp as the editor of the Warsaw Signal, who famously called for violence against Joseph Smith in 1844, writing "Citizens arise, one and all!!! Can you stand by, and suffer such infernal devils! To rob men of their property rights, without avenging them. We have no time for comment! Everyman will make his own. Let it be with powder and ball." Joseph was shot and killed fifteen days later.

But in 1841 Tom was sympathetic to the Mormons. It is not until the 19 May 1841 edition of the Warsaw Signal (four days after the fictional encounter in this chapter) that Sharp first makes any negative comments.

Since Louisa and Wesley lived a few miles from Warsaw, it seems plausible that they knew Tom Sharp. In real history, Louisa and her husband do not end up making the trip out to Utah.


ktb said...

This chapter reads quite well. The only thing I thought might be improved, after reading through the chapter, was that Cynthia does not seem developed enough as a character to elicite a reaction at the news of her death - at least for me. A young woman, interested in Tom Sharp, with her life entirely in front of her. Maybe there is a way to make that clearer, and her more real.

daughterofheaven said...

I tried to do that with the scene of her chattering on about Tom and the description of her lying asleep with her hair scattered across the pillow. I figured too much more and I mark her as a 'red shirt.' I'm sure that when I come back to this chapter it will hit me clear as day what to do with it. Actually, looking at the 1840 census, it seems possible that Cynthia might have been helping out in the homestead as well... I do know it even seemed to me that I ended the chapter abruptly.

Off to write more on the next chapter and finished the very, very big submarine cookie I am baking for my Captain who is retiring. It looks so cool. Who knew martini glasses would make the perfect molds for end caps?

Pat said...

I don't recall you making the situation with Cynthia's illness clear. You might have inserted something such as her groaning in the night and waking Elvira. When Elvira asks what is wrong she could say "You know that I have a bad time every month. This is somewhat worse than usual, but I doubt there is any reason to be worried."

I may have overlooked some mention. I can remember I thought you were referring to the wrong sister when you mentioned Cynthia holding her middle.

daughterofheaven said...

I've decided that I will go back eventually and write this chapter so that Elvira stays in Bear Creek. Tom will confide in Elvira there, and Louisa will die in Elvira's presence.

las said...

I thought you were foreshadowing Cynthia marrying Tom Sharp and forsaking the faith, with her standing a little apart. It’s fine. I’m still reading! LS

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