Friday, September 28, 2007

070928 Facebook, Cutting, WOTF, etc.

One of the cool and unanticipated outcomes of attending OSC Boot Camp is that I have gained admittance to - a private online enclave of published writers. And they are amazingly fun to read. Unfortunately, it really is a private thing, so I can't tell you any of what I've read there. You'll just have to go become a published writer and join it yourself.

But one thing codexwriters does is post a little picture by each comment. And my husband asked if I was on facebook. So I wandered over to my facebook and found a few friends. Facebook is really neat. Don't let those young folks hoard it to themselves.

So I'm playing hooky from writing a story that I plan to submit to Writers of the Future (must be postmarked NLT midnight Sunday (effectively 2300 Saturday)). The world concept occurred to me a few weeks ago, but it took a while for a compelling story to grow on me enough to write. More about WOTF later.

But now to link you to blog happiness - Jake Freivald has performed his literary surgery on one of my pieces - a bit of historical fiction derived from the life of my great grandparents. I figured out the possible tale behind the dates and published story a few months ago. Check it out at:

Now of to consume food and give birth to a story.


Okishdu said...

I enjoyed reading the analysis and seeing the cuts. I was amused by the snarky reply of 'hoag'to your post. What does 'doctoral level psychologist' mean? I think it means he is in graduate school but hasn't quite earned the letters yet.

daughterofheaven said...

Ho okishdu,

I've hung out with debhoag at Hatrack and critiqued one of her stories.

That's the danger with being flip - the reader who doesn't have access to non-written cues may not realize that the flip remark is not intended to hurt.

I was e-mailing Scott Card and he sent me something which I thought was a joke, but I responded as though I might have actually hurt his feelings enough to provoke such a response.

And that in turn confused him (that I could have thought there was any possibility it wasn't a joke).

daughterofheaven said...

I apologized to Deb over at the cutting blog, and she apologized, and I've reposted my original comment with her piece's proper title instead of my flip summary, and we're good.

History has been modified to reflect the peace and harmony we truly feel, rather than the transient irritation caused by miscommunication.

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